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librarysheetsUpdated on 14 Feb, 2011 

This cheatsheet is a quick reference guide to the key elements of the Facebook Fan Page: the things you might want to consider before you start using this great tool; several tips on how you can optimize, manage and track your page; plus a few extra hints that will help you make the most of your Facebook experience.

  • Purpose of this tool
  • What type of tool is this?
  • Is this tool right for my business?
  • Profiles, Pages: What is What?
  • Before you get started...
  • Create your Facebook Profile
  • Create a Facebook Page for your business
  • Name your page
  • Articulate the purpose of your Page
  • Set the profile image
  • Edit the permissions
  • Set the admins
  • Post interesting seed content
  • Invent a compelling reason to join your Page
  • Invite your friends and clients
  • Insert a custom tab
  • Set your tab as the landing page
  • Create a Favorite Box
  • Create a “Like” button or “Like Box”
  • Link your Facebook Page with Twitter account
  • Insert external photos into the custom tab
  • Insert photos hosted on Facebook into the custom tab
  • Insert Youtube video in the custom tab
  • Insert Video uploaded on Facebook into custom tab
  • Embed Mp3 file into the custom tab
  • Metrics
  • Useful Applications
  • HTML Shortcuts
  • Resources

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